October 29, 2009

cOnRad FaMilY HallOweeN paRty

Last Saturday was our family Halloween party at the ranch . As always it was a lot of fun !Spooky appitizers, Soups and treats Galore ! We started off with pictures and dinner.
We then got ready for the Spooky Hay Ride down in the pasture. All I can say is brrrr! Matt and I headed to the pasture early with some of his brothers. They built fires for a few stops and spooky stories. It was great! Matt was a werewolf and pretty scary one at that. I did sound effects of screaming and such. Our cousin Jason has this great costume that he made that is AWESOME and pretty dang scary!
Afterwards we headed back to the house to warm up and carve pumpkins and clean up. What a great night!

October 19, 2009

Witches Night Out

A bunch of us girls went to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village. It was great company but, very crowded. So crowded you could hardly shop. I spent a total of $7.00.Which is abnormal for me. I really was amazed at the crowds of witches!!! Really, I have never seen it so busy. I decided I don't like to shop in large crowds. I would rather pay more and enjoy my shopping in peace and quiet, and take my time browsing.
I just was a little disappointed with how crazy it was.I'm really not sure if I will go again. Sad :( it used to be really fun. Maybe next year they will do it every weekend?? We did have a great time all in all.Dinner at Texas Roadhouse was delish!!! Mmmm Mmmmm :)
Thanks for a great night girls!!!
P.S. Sorry I kinda rambled on...

Me with my baby sister ~ Erica

The Village Witches

Witchy Friends~ Sassy Erica~Darling Debbie~ Hotty Hen~Red Hot Kitty

The Gang

The Mother Hen and her twin "Chicks" Megan & Paige

Waiting for Dinner

Still... Waiting for dinner

October 14, 2009

Family Night at the Pumpkin Patch

Our friends ~ Brent , Christine, with their twins, Megan and Paige

Me having fun picking mini pumpkins :)

Me and my best Kitty friend :)

Matt & I - Wow! You can tell I was tired, what a monday at work.

After a long Monday at work we had a great time picking pumpkins at Dr. C's farm. Wadley Farms is such a beautiful place.
We all then went to a late dinner to Los Hermanos. I love their chips and salsa ! It was great to be with friends we rareley get to see.
Oh how I love this time of year !!!

October 9, 2009


~Deborah, Christine & I before the big event~

I had a great girls night out with my Sister-in-Law's along with my Mom-in-Law and her sister, Aunt Diana. We spent the evening at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village.

We went to the dinner theatre production of Witchapalooza and had a great time ! Some of us were a little bit "witchier" than others ;) It was a fun evening of shopping ,Dancing, singing, laughing and cackling.

The story was cute and the music was great fun! The cast interacted with the guests, I even was put on the spot...Thanks to my Sisters :) I cackled for the whole audience into the microphone. It was quite funny. I love this time of year! It is a great way to kick off to the holidays :) Here we come!

~Me with Matt's Sisters~

~Our Witchy Women~

I love all of my Sisters!

October 3, 2009

Warning Post overload...

It has been a busy Summer. Hopefully I'm close to being caught up on our Blog :) Enjoy!

Sunday Picnic

Matt , Erica, Walter and I went to the Ranch last Sunday for a picnic. What a beautiful day to lay on a blanket in the sunshine and relax.
The fall colors are amazing this year! Just gorgeous! Erica and Walter and I had a great time in the canoe. It can actually be quite fun to clean the moss out of the pond.
Hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures that Matt took.

lAsT hOoRaH tO sUmMeR !!!

We went to Manti canyon, again one last time the week of labor day. It was SO nice to getaway from it all. We had a wonderful time riding, relaxing, having smores, playing games, watching movies, coloring, soaking up the sun and just being with family.

I love this canyon, we always find new trails and places to go. And it is not very crowded during the week. There is such diverse beauty on every trail. We have "nick" named some of them. One in particular is the Big Foot trail. Can I just tell you we went once, and that was enough for me! It is a spooky, creepy trail deep in the wood's. I swear Sasquatch lives there, it gives you the hee bee gee bee's !

We had a lot of fun playing in the creek this year. It became our swimming hole. Go figure ? We had a lake right by camp. It was nice to cool off after a long ride and even more fun to dunk others. Matt became our niece and nephew's play ground. Isn't that what uncles are for ? Talmage and Collin slept in our trailer and boy did we have fun. Well I did with them anyways, Matt I think though we were a little crazy . SUGAR + SUN + LATE NIGHT = FUN :) I love getting away on vacation ad being a kid again !

How can anyone not love to be in the outdoors ? It always fills my heart with happiness to be in the beauty the Lord created for us. Although a trailer and power is nice... So it's not too rough when you can shower and watch movies every night.

I'm sad to see summer has come to an end. Hopefully next year we can play more ! This summer went by way to fast!

~3 Years down and Eternity to go ~

This is one of my beautiful Gerber Daisies that Matt sent me on our anniversary. I was so happy to get this beautiful arrangement of my favorite flowers at work. It made my day! We both spent our anniversary working. Later that evening we had a nice date together. Before dinner to my surprise we stopped at the mall. My sweet hubby had a new dress on hold for me :) I had been wanting this particular dress for awhile. He is always SO thoughtful and caring. I love Matt more everyday. He is my everything ! Happy 3 years baby !

Best day of our lives! 09/16/2006

Dad's Beloved "32 Ford

I'm really behind on my posting....
A few week's ago Matt got Dad's '32 all ready for his car show. My Father in law is so cute. He is in a car club and entertains with his accordion. He has played and taught lessons for years. This winter I want him to teach us how to ballroom dance.
I'm so grateful for my great & sweet in-laws !