July 27, 2009

Butterfly Lake for the 24th

Matt and I had a nice and relaxing camping trip in the Uintas with my parents and sister. It felt nice to get away. I was a little nervous about going before camp, but so far so good. I have most everything done. I think ?

We went on a few hikes, took a few naps, laughed,ate yummy food, watched movies, played games, drove to Evanston, just chilled. It was very nice! The weather was perfect! Nice and cool in the 60's and rained a little. I love when it rains camping. The thunder is awesome!

Thanks Mom & Erica for helping me with camp stuff while there. I know I go a little overboard. It is hereditary ;)

Love you Matty! Thanks for the trip and all of your help! I could not do all of this without you! You are my best friend! I love you! I will miss you! Off to camp I go!

July 17, 2009

:...10 DaYs uNtiL cAmP...:

The young women theme this year is.....

I'm starting to get really excited about girls camp! After a lot of planning and hard work we are about there. Our stake theme this year is "Be what we should be". Each days theme is LEARN, FEEL, DO, BE.

We have awesome Stake and Ward leaders. It is going to be a great camp this year. Last year was great, but really, really cold! We were limited to some of the things we could do last year. It will be warm and toasty this year, maybe I will be wishing for cooler weather. ;) We will see.

The theme our ward has gone with this year is "Shine the Light" .

I came across a great song a few months ago called "The Light" by April Meservy. It was an EFY song a few years back. It is a fun song that the girls love! I will add a video at the end from YouTube that was my inspiration.**Another ward made this and I love it !
There are a lot of things planned that I cannot wait to surprise the girls with. I'm so grateful for my calling as Camp Director. I love our YW and care so much about them. I told them last year I have always wanted a daughter...just did not know I would get so many at once . :)

**Remember to pause the music at the bottom**

July 7, 2009

It's been awhile...

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been and other's have wondered if we are OK ? We are doing great and all is well:) Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted. Summer has flown by! I do not even know where May or June have gone? And we are already 1/4 through July! June was a really busy month for us and July does not look too much better. June came with me moving office's at work putting in lots of O.T. ,ward camp out, weddings at the ranch and lots and lots of rain. Yard work here and up at the Ranch kept us pretty busy.
Our niece Ashley got married in June and our niece Cortney and her hubby Ammon had a sweet baby girl :)
July we had a family reunion at the ranch 3-5 it was a lot of work and fun! Sadly I did not get a lot of pictures taken. We did learn a lot of things about our Conrad heritage, which was great !
Girls camp is coming fast! I go the last week of this month. I still have a lot to do, but we are getting there. Hope all of you are having a fun filled summer! Be safe and get a great tan :)