October 30, 2010

Shutters...A Door... Halloween Galore!

This post is long overdue....

We have been rather busy around here getting last minute projects finished outside before winter arrives.

This project that has been on my mind for probably about 4-5 years. Painting the front door and making or buying new shutters for the exterior windows.
Most of the problem was finding time to take this project on. (I needed Matt's help on this one.) Also deciding what color to paint the door and the shutters. To glaze or not to glaze?That was a huge dilemma!


Our new shutters and painted front door! They are beautiful and just what I imagined!

This project was really simple and done in about 1 1/2 days. For real!Prep work and all! The shutters are not real wood, since we face south I needed something to last. The material is similar to trex decking. Matt busted these out in a couple hours.

The next morning ,I painted the shutters with some pretty amazing paint that had the primer in it already. Slapped on a little bit of glaze and tung oil -and voila! Hung that evening! The weather was amazing!

I decided to keep the front door and trim white. (Since facing the South brings on a lot of sun.) I also wanted a "rough" texture on the door, so I rolled it on. A trick I learned from my Mom:D

Another Project... Halloween decor! I saw these cute "Black Twigs" on a website and wanted to make them! So I did my own spin on them :D
I had Matt help me get the dead trees/twigs in various fields.I then spray painted them black!I love how they turned out! Really fun!

I love how this spooky tree turned out!

Tip: To make your pumpkins shine wash them and either spray or rub on a varnish like tung oil.

Not sure if doing all of these projects in a couple of days is a good idea, but we did it! Matt is a trooper! He knows how I work, GO BIG or go home. Thanks for your help honey! I will give you a rest when the snow flies... Maybe ? ;)

Here are some more pictures to enjoy!

Now back to my cleaning spree! Pantry, Closet, Dresser,windows,blinds and Office.(If I have to be cooped up inside all winter, I want my house really clean and organized)

P.S. Christmas will be here before we all know it? Will you be ready?

Christmas Cards ordered- Check
Christmas Potpourri Ingredients Ordered-Check

Ok so it is not a lot, but it is a start. Right?

October 15, 2010

So many Posts... So little time

I have a HUGE "to do" list today, but I at least wanted to make my blog look a little bit festive for heaven sake!
More to come when the weather is cold, but for now I will be enjoying the October Sunshine!