November 28, 2008

Ahhh Sleep...

If you woke up early for a bargain this morning you are my hero! You go girl! I opted to go later today to Tai Pan for Christmas decor. A woman can never have enough can she? Im really just set out to get a pre-lit fake tree. Sorry Matt your usual 20 footer fresh tree is not going to happen this year babe. Some of you know the story. You would be taking a break this year too. Maybe I will post that story later this month. Happy Shopping!!

November 21, 2008


A day we thought could not come soon enough! Before we all knew it, it was HERE!! Yeah! Yesterday I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I was sooooo EXCITED to see this movie! It was a little hard to focus at work. The Doc's and other guys were all good sports though. We were pretty much teased all day. Some of them even hid Christine's life size Edward. No worries we found him. After work we all went home and got ready to have a great night ahead. Matt was even a GREAT sport and came to it all. I love you honey! Thanks! Deb and the girls came down and we all went to dinner from there. On the Menu was Chili's ! It was great ! We got there and our table was deemed "Team Edward". Great with us! We had a wonderful waitress and we were spoiled rotten! I'm sure our own "Edward" made sure of this. I say this because when it was time to leave our check had been taken care of!!!! What a SURPRISE!!We kept asking our waitress if she was serious. As she told us a very good looking 17 year old rich gentleman paid for our meal. We were all in shock! How amazing! I know it was one of the guys from work that had been hassling us all day , but WHO?? I have a few guesses myself.. THANK YOU!!! The night was off to a great start! Next was the movie!! Our friend Melissa and her commitee pulled a great evening together for us. We had a movie theatre to ourselves for the 12:01 showing!! We had raffle tickets for prizes and all sorts of pre-movie fun! Then the MOVIE!! It was great!! Awesome, but.. There had to be a but huh ? Not too bad of one though...It's just that I like my own imagination better. Of course I think the book was better. Because you can really sink yourself in for a few days rather than a few hours. Of COURSE there is more detail in a book. I though the movie was AWESOME!! I want to go see it again! It was a lot of fun! New Moon 2010 !I would like to hear what you thought of the movie. Leave a comment if you like :)

November 18, 2008

Until we meet again..

We said goodbye to our sweet Grandma last week. It's never an easy thing to do , but we know she is with Grandpa and we will see her again. What an amazing example she was to our family. Some of us were able to go to the Temple that evening. There was a great spirit there. We know our family can be together forever through Heavenly Fathers plan. We love you Always and Forever Grandma!!

November 7, 2008

Our Sweet Grandma Lamb...

This picture was taken of our sweet Grandma on Halloween. She makes the cutest little witchie pooh. Unfortunately she had a stroke yesterday and is in the hospital not doing very well. So all of us grand kids went down to Price to see her to show her our love and to say goodbye. She has a special relationship with all of her grandchildren. Matt is very close to her and always remembers her Postum,Potato Pancakes and picking out his favorite cereal at the store. All of the Grandchildren were reminiscing about favorite memories. I had to laugh at her "Gum" stories. She would always just give them a half or even a third of a stick of gum. After we left Matt told me , she used to give me a WHOLE piece ... I knew he was the favorite! The youngest is always spoiled for sure. I still remember the first time Matt took me over to her house to meet her. I got to see all of her amazing Antiques & Dolls. Her home has such a whimsical feel to it. I love it! She has always been so cute, sweet and a lot of fun! I will miss working with her at the ranch with all of us. She was the best little napkin folder and croissant cutter. Oh and lets not forget "Bathroom Director". I'm so grateful to have been able to know such a sweet daughter of our heavenly father. All our love and prayers to you Grandma.** GRANDMA RETURNED HOME TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN THIS MORNING. SHE WILL BE DEEPLY MISSED. (11/8)

November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Halloween started off with a Family Party last Saturday at the Ranch. We had a great time! This year we did a haunted hayride in the pasture for everyone. The kids got pretty spooked. I did too! Thanks to our cousin Jason. He has an amazing costume that I was not aware of. Too bad I did not get a picture. Its over 15 feet tall and scary! I was at a fire telling a spooky story of old "Hal O Ween" I had a few of his remains.. Brain, Nose, Heart, Eyes ect.. It was fun. Last night we had my family over for food and fun. We watched scary movies. The best was Jack & Jayci slept over. We had a good time together this morning. I love my family! You are all so great! Mom thanks for the great dinner!