June 19, 2010

Can I be a Cat today?

A little cat nap is my wish today. If only.... Maybe tomorrow ?

June 12, 2010

Much needed R&R.....

We were able to celebrate Dads birthday at our house for a BBQ. The food was fantastic and the company even better. I love my cute little family.

We were then able to take off after the memorial day holiday camping. Matt worked extra hard on the buggy so we were able to take her out for her maiden voyage. Thank you Dad, Jess and whoever else helped us get her ready to go. It is about time we were able to take her out for a test run! She is a BLAST!

We left Tuesday morning for the west dessert. A new place to explore! Amasa Valley, just out from Hinckley and Delta. She was a long drive, but totally worth it! Good job baby at pulling 2 trailers!

We got to explore in mines, a first for me. I usually NEVER go in anything of the sort. I decided to be brave. Matt could not believe I had no problem walking 100's of feet under ground. For some reason I was ready to face my fear of claustrophobia. Sure glad I did! It was nice and cool underground and fun too!

The 4-wheeler trails were amazing! They went on and on and on... Well you get the drift. The scenery was breathtaking. I have not gotten to see the dessert this way before. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the flowers were beautiful! We had a great time exploring and just soaking up the sun!

It was great fun to play with the horses Lefty and Buzz. I love animals! I was in love with Buzz, Ken's Mustang. I did not ride him as he can be a peel. Lefty Girl was perfect for me. Although she was in a hurry to get back to camp and galloped most of the way. Good thing we did not go too far. Being saddle sore is not too fun.

The food was of course amazing and tasty! We had all sorts of dutch oven, GIANT smores,Bean dip and more! MMMmmm Mmmmmm :D I do not know why the week had to go by so dang fast. It was back to work the next day. I really could get used to being on vacation all of the time. (As long as most of it is at home in my own bed.)

*Busy times ahead...Girls Camp in about 1 week. Then I hope for some real live R&R after that is over with. Have a great summer everyone!