August 19, 2009

sUndAnCe tHeaTer

Matt and I went to the Sundance Summer Theatre on Monday with some of his family to celebrate his Mom's birthday.
The play was the called "The Fantasticks". I had never seen this play before or heard about it. It was a fun play! Here is a little description...
This popular musical centers around two fathers who, in an effort to make their children fall in love, erect a wall between their houses to keep them apart “since children never do what you want them to.” The plot works and the young couple fall in love only to discover their fathers’ scheme. As a result, the two strike out into the world separately to find their own paths, which eventually lead them back to one another, more worldly wise and mature.
We really enjoyed sitting under the stars watching a play...I froze my buns off!!!
We took blankets and I brought my coat. Still chilly. So if you go, thermals are not out of the question. Unless you are Chris who wears shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Brrr... Luckily for him we shared our blankets with everyone.
All in all it was a very enjoyable evening with family. Thanks for the idea Christine!

August 6, 2009

Warning.... Post overload

It has been a busy week and a half ! Hopefully I'm caught up now :)

Happy Belated Anniversary Mom & Dad 8/2/75

Congratulations on 34 great years together! We all love you and appreciate your example and all you do for us! Here is to many more happy years together! Love you!

Our Jack is 4!!

Pool Party!!8/1/2009

I had just got home from camp and swimming sounded great! Thanks for the fun pool party Jess & Jill! What a great way to celebrate Jack turning 4! Love our family!

Girls Camp 2009 "Shine the Light"

Camp was a success!!The V1 miners did shine the light!

Camp was great this year! We were in the wilderness area. It is newer and a lot nicer. I loved it!

We did a lot of fun and great things at camp. I don't have pictures of everything yet. There was a day or two my camera was M.I.A. There were a lot of late nights. Talking , giggling, glow faces...and more!

It was great to be at camp with our wonderful young women and leaders for a week. I love our young women! They are such great girls!

A few activities included... Journal making, facials, pedicures, manicures, hair washing, braiding hair, D.I.R.T.(Personal time) which stands for "diamond in the rough time" One of my favorite times. Singing Trees, Great food, Campfire fun, 5 A.M. hike to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful! More singing, dancing, yoga at 1:30 A.M. (One of my great ideas to get the girls to sleep... Did not work ;) I may have been part of the problem. Whoopee cushion, kidnapping Edward, fun crafts & games, Bethany & McKells great voices and guitars, More hikes, Biffy, cold showers, Close friendships made, Spiritually fed, 3 hours of sleep, more singing, flag ceremony, lovely campfire smell.

All in all it was great! I missed Matt like crazy! He wrote me the sweetest letter that I read while at camp. He included Kleenex sprayed with his cologne.It was exactly what I needed. Thank's Babe!