December 18, 2008

TaGgEd By KaRis..

#1: 8's

8 TV Shows I enjoy watching:
1. Any CSI
2. Biggest Looser
3. King of Queens
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
7.I really watch whatever Matt is watching
8. I don't really watch any t.v...... I like movies

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Worked
2. Computers, phones , printer all were down all day at work!
3. Froze my butt off outside trying to help Matt with something. I bailed.
4. Practiced a song with my sister-in-laws for our Christmas party
5. Neighbors brought yummy treats
6. Matt made me hot chocolate
7. Kissed my husband under the mistletoe
8. Went to bed good dreams

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Christmas!! I hope Matty likes his gifts!
2. Finishing the bathrooms upstairs.
3. Family Parties this weekend
4. Time off from work! Yeah!!
5. Not eat so many Christmas treats and go to the Gym better
6. Having a family.I swear it has to happen one day.
7. Christmas Carol with family tonight
8. Finishing all my Christmas stuff I'm putting off.

8 things I love about WINTER:
1. Hot Chocolate! Mmm Mmm
2. Christmas and the true meaning behind it.
3. Snow!!And playing in it.
4. The smells that fill the air, baking, pine, cinnamon, citrus....
5. Christmas spirit, music, lights, decor.
7. Nights in Jammie's cuddling on the couch.
8. I like to be home with Matt

8 things on my wish list:
1. Loose this dang weight I have put on!!!!
2. To be a better listener
3. Babies!!
4. Cook healthier
5. Organization
6. Massage
7. Facial
8. Vacation with Matt

8 people I tag:
1. Sunni
2. Angie
3. Shannon
4. Tasha
5. Christine
6. Karlie
7. Rhonda
8. Kylie

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The 3 Willows said...

Hi guys!! I'm so glad you found us! I love all your quotes on the side, they are great. How is everything? It's good to be back in touch. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!