April 5, 2009

There is Sunshine in my Soul...

This was one of the opening hymns in conference yesterday. I love conference time and the messages and council we receive from our prophets through revelation from our Father in Heaven. It truly brings "sunshine to my soul" to be a member of the church. We as members are always needing constant reminders of the things we should be doing. Here are a few short quotes from conference I enjoyed.
Pres. Monson* "Be of good cheer-Overcome the world."
* "Your future is as bright as your faith."
Elder Snow
* "Get on with your life, have faith to move forward."
* "Be of good cheer."
Elder Hales
* "Live within our means, be content with what we have."
Elder Uchtdorf
* "Hunger for meaning & purpose to life. "
* " The gospel is a divine gift, the Lord gave us the keys (Gospel)which unlocks happiness, peace, and fulfillment.
* "It is ALWAYS right & the right time to walk in his ways. It is NEVER too late. "
* "Now is the time."
There are just too many to list. A couple years ago I tried something new while watching conference. I took notes. And I found I listened a lot better, and was able to reflect upon the things I took from the messages. I love the Gospel and I'm so thankful for it. I'm also thankful for my wonderful husband for who he is and the example he is to me and to others. I love my wonderful family. Matt and I are so blessed with our wonderful parents and siblings with their cute little families. We are so blessed in our lives. Be of good cheer! Have a happy day! Jen


kimbob said...

I remember taking notes in Seminary and did so for a few years after I graduated but since having kids I haven't and need to so I can come away with more. It was a great Conference with great words spoken

Angie said...

Thanks for that post! Even though I listened to conference I still need that gentle reminder :)
It's amazing how no matter what I am going through in my personal life, the conference talks always seem to be written just for me to help me get through whatever I am dealing with! I like the note taking idea I'll have to try it next time around