April 14, 2009

~A Beautiful Easter Day~

What a beautiful and busy Easter Sunday. The day started early. I woke up early and made my famous sugar cookies. Matt insisted on them. I love them way too much! I think I may have eaten my fair share. At least a dozen..Oops! I should have taken pictures they turned out to be beautiful. I put them in a huge decorated Easter basket. MMmm Mmm.. They were a hit! Very delish! Church at 9am. There were many great Lessons and speakers. My heart was filled with love for our savior Jesus Christ and all of the things he has done for us. Two meetings after church. Then more cooking. Matt made a delish Ham...Mmmm. Holidays are great "free" days to eat yummy food. Then we headed to the Ranch for an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner. After the hunt Dad took us up the mountain for a hike to see the latest project on the house. A pipeline and water tanks for an indoor sprinkler system. We went up pretty far. The view was beautiful up there! It was great to visit with family. We then headed to my parents to visit them and took them some treats and talked. We love our families and are so grateful for them!


The Bischoff's said...

Great Pics Jen! What a great way to spend Easter!

kimbob said...

You've got a beautiful getaway you guys can escape to. Glad you're Easter Day was so great. Can you pass along your cookie recipe??

Roger and Tasha said...

Looks like you had a fun day! I love the Holidays too! We went to Delta! Good times