May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom !


Looks like fun huh? The year was 1986, this was one of our favorite things as kids. We all loved going camping and going in our dune buggy our Dad built. There are a lot of fond memories up American Fork Canyon with our family.

I just want to say a few things about my Mom and why I love her so much. Mom, I'm so grateful for the things you have taught me. And for the life you and Dad have given us kids. We had a great childhood, I love how close of a family we are and how great we get along. A lot of this is because of you. I know what kind of family you wanted to always have when you were younger. I can only hope we are all you always wanted us to be. I look up to you and for how strong you are. You are a great example to me and to others. You are a completely amazing cook ! You have taught me to... be hard working, humble, strong, love the gospel, love others, be unselfish, be smart with money, and not to be afraid to do things I did not think I could do alone. Mom, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have ever done for me and for your prayers. I love you so very much! I hope you have a great Mother's Day ! XOXO your Benders
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Anonymous said...

Yup, you made me cry! I love you very much, great memories we had camping. I am so proud of you, Jess and Erica. I am blessed so much in life and I am greatful. I have to laugh at how relaxed Erica is in the Dune-Buggy. You kids would sleep in there while we traveled for hours. You sure did love it. Love, Mom

Angie said...

What a cute picture!! Ok is that Erica in your lap?? You two are so freaking cute! Sounds like you have a wonderful mom, I hope she had a great Mother's day!
Love ya!

Natalie said...

You are so cute Jenny! I love that you are so happy! Congrats on the trailer, I'm sure you guys will have a lot of fun! And I totally want to come see your kitchen! You should post some pictures of it!