March 23, 2010

dUnEs wItH tHe bOyS

It has been FOREVER since I have been to the sand dunes! Dad called me last friday night and invited me to go to the Dunes with the boys Saturday morning.(Dad, Jess, Jack) I of course said YES even though poor Matty had to work all day.
It was a beautiful crisp spring day with a lot of sunshine and smiles!

Jack enjoying the sand & sun!

Jack & I playing in the sand. I'm covered from head to toe in sand :D I had just gotten back from a GREAT buggy ride with my Dad. What a crazy fun old man! We were both laughing & smiling the whole time we were out burning bowls at the dunes!I think we both ate more sand than when we were kids!

The boys! Dad, Jess & Jack chillin in the sand.

Jess & Jack ready to go!

Sweet little man! How is he 4 1/2 already ???

Thanks for the invite! There is nothing better than being with family !
I missed you Matty! (Our Buggy is almost finished!) Matt & I cannot wait to take it out!


Anonymous said...

How fun this looks! You have the greatest family and mom and dad. They love their kids and grandkids!! I can see why-you are easy to love. See you Saturday. Thanks for the invite.
Aunt Robin

Cortney said...

oh my gosh that looks amazing!!! i think i've only been once and i was like 8 so i dont remember anything!!!!!!! now i want to go so bad!

kimbob said...

Oh memories of the Sand Dunes. Looks like everyone had a good time. I'm jealous you're doing a buggy, can't wait to see pictures