September 15, 2009

~Matty's Birthday~ 9/6/09 Happy 29th Baby!!!!

The Birthday Boy :)Love you !!Does'nt he look great ?? He has lost around 60 plus pounds this year!!! Great job baby!

Matt's Birthday Celebration

I'm finally getting around to updating our blog for September. We celebrated Matt's Birthday this year at Goodwood and at our home. We had a great time with family and friends. I decided to make a cupcake "cake" for his birthday since I could not decide on a flavor of cake. Some his favorite flavors coconut cupcakes, lemon, and of course chocolate. So I had a lot of fun making a variety of cupcakes and a few cake "pops"... Not so great, in my opinion and a few others. I will need to try this again with a diffrent flavor. They were cute though. Hope you had a great day honey! I sure love you! Thanks so much for being such a great man and husband. XoXo
Thanks Jess and Jill for having us over for dinner on Matt's Birthday :)

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