July 29, 2008

2 WeeKs oF FuN !!

** Camping Nebo Loop **

We were able to go camping over Pioneer Day Weekend. It was nice to have a little bit of a getaway together. We had never been camping there before and thought we would try somewhere new. We were amazed together what is on the Nebo Loop. The red rock pictures you see is "Devils Kitchen" . My dad says I have been there before, but I did not remember anything like that. We also went on a little hike to a cute little lake that has a ton of fish in it. Man wish we had our poles. We went with some friends of ours and had a nice time together. My friend Debbie and her husband spoiled us with his yummy dutch oven cooking. It was great! We had a great time on our 4- wheeler for like 5 minutes. We ran into a slight problem... You cannot ride ATV"s up there. P.S. there were not any signs anywhere! That is until we started up a trail maybe 300 ft from our campsite. There was a sign... We were BUMMED OUT! So like law abiding citizens we turned around and did not go up that trail. Instead went back to camp and got some lawn chairs, magazines & snacks to chill in the river. All relaxed and cooling down all of a sudden an egotistical Ranger showed up. To make a long story short wrote a ticket for $175.00 for having our 4-wheeler out of the truck in a no ATV area. No warning anything! What a Jerk is all I have to say! We were together having fun so that is all that matters, but I keep thinking of other thing's I would much rather buy than a 5 minute ride on my own 4 wheeler for $175.00! :)


Mberenis said...
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Angie said...

That seriously sucks about your 4 wheeling experience! Especially since you guys where honest and turned back around when you saw the sign! UGHH those are the kinds of things that really get under my skin!
Anyhoo cute pics I'm glad you guys had a good time sometimes its nice to just be with the spouse and no one else! Hope all is well..we should go to dinner sometime?? call me :)