April 2, 2008

A farewell to Winter..

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A picture taken while snowmobiling at the ranch one last time. It's so sad out sleds are for sale.. Matt & I would like to purchase a camp trailor. I will keep you updated. Hope your all doing well. Love ya!


The Bischoff's said...

Jen- oh my gosh! I saw your blog on Leslie's and I couldn't believe it was you! So things have changed huh! You look SOOO good! What's going on? Where are you living and stuff like that- It so good to see your blog! Seriously you look so good!

Leslie said...

I am so glad that you are into the blogging world! Now we can keep tabs on each other!

Alison said...

Jenny poo! I'm so happy you are a bloggin' girl - I needed a better way to keep in touch with you!
It looks like you guys had a really fun winter, I sure do wish we could move on to springtime though! How are you? Whats new, you are still as cute as ever..I miss ya!

Tasha said...

Hey Jenny! That is a really pretty picture! It looks almost like a painting! Well I added you to my blog too! yeah!! Have fun!

Angie said...

Jen!! so glad you found my blog I miss you too!! I dont miss work..hahaha just the people! I'll be putting you on my friends list and coming back to check your blog often..say hi to Erica for me!

The DeGering Family said...

JEN!!!! How fun to keep in touch through the world wide web:) I love it. Now I never get to see you because your ward meet in a new building. SAD:( Anyway girl---how is life? Wonderful probably. You and your handsome husband make the perfect couple. I am excited you found Jeff and I. Keep in touch.