June 4, 2009

:..oUr 1st cAmPinG tRiP oF '09..:

We always have SO much fun up Manti Canyon!! Long 4 wheeler rides with a lot of fun and new trails to find. It is SO beautiful up there. It has become one of our favorite camping destinations. It rained every day in the early afternoon. It was awesome! It cooled everything off and got things MUDDY! The way we like it!

When it was stormy we would just sit and relax under our trailers awning. I'm so glad we have a little covered porch , it comes in very handy when there is rain. It was so nice to get away and relax. We needed a little getaway. I got to read, write in my journal, sleep in, eat bad food for me, paint nails and toes, spend time with loved ones, have girl talk , and my very favorite....I got be with my hubby for 1 whole week!

One of our traditions it seems is to stop at the local pizzeria for dinner one night and get a pie. MMmmm..Mmmm... I'm not a big pizza fan, but this pizza is SO good ! And well worth the drive & the Carb's :) We went to the Ice Cream shop next door over and got the nieces and nephews an ice cream . Of course the adults wanted one too :) I got a big cookies and cream that was delish! Then after we headed to the Manti Temple grounds. One of my favorite temples. I love it beauty and "old" charm. I'm a big fan of some of the 1st built temples. They have such character and a whole other beauty about them. One of the kid's favorite things to do is to roll down Temple Hill. It is pretty fun, except when your tummy is FULL of yummy Pizza and Ice Cream. Long story short.. Of course Aunt Jenny had to join in with the kids. I have done it before, just not on a FULL stomach. Let just say dizzy, pale and on the verge of barf. It took a whole day to feel better. It was dumb, but fun. My brother in law thought he would join in as well. He went twice! Well I though for sure one of the kids were sick when they kept pulling over going back up the canyon. It was Scott! Poor man.

We had a wonderful relaxing week off of work. We got to go camping and get a lot of things done around the house. Thanks Matty for being such a great husband! I love you!! (I about drove him nuts for 2 days working in the house and yard ALL day.)We planted some new tree's in the front yard, as four of ours died this last winter. Mended bird houses, cleaned out the garage & shed. Got rid of a bunch of junk we never used anymore. It feels nice.


Lara said...

Jen...it looks like you guys had a blast! I love camping its so relaxing!

kimbob said...

I'm jealous you guys got to go camping. Only because ours flopped. That's my luck lately with trips. We love camping too especially with a trailer. I'm spoiled and wouldn't go back to a tent unless I had to.
I see the mud and cringe, I'm not a mom who likes mess but should let my kids be kids :)

Ashley Welling said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! The pictures were so beautiful!

The Bischoff's said...

Sounds like fun! It is so pretty up there! Glad you had a great relaxing time! :)

Alexis said...

I'm so impressed you are such a camper! I'm soooooooooo NOT! I want to be but I just hate it. It sounds like you had a great time on a much deserved vacation! And there is no need to worry about carb's when you are on vacation!

Mona said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe how big those grandkids are! I used to babysit them! I remember when Jessica, Talmage...all those kids were born! Thanks for the updates on the Conrad family, glad that you guys are doing well, staying young and having fun!